Digitaldagen 2020

Digital Day 2019

The Digital Day is organized by Synlighet, Vidi, Schibsted and PWC.

Cecilie Dahl

Cecilie Dahl
Partner | Senior Rådgiver

Digital Day

For the fourth year in a row, Digital Day is being held in Bergen. This year, as before, Digital Day will be held in October in the Grieg Hall.

The digital day is organized by Synlighet, Vidi, Schibsted and PWC.

Digital Day – professional updates and inspiration!

Why Digital Day?

Marketing and communication is not about the “battle” between digital and traditional media. It’s about what works.

Focus on knowledge

At Digital Day, we focus on knowledge. Knowledge of what works in digital marketing and communication. What you should do to achieve a better effect, why you should do it and not least how. For what you do not know, you can definitely “hurt”. This year we have put extra focus on the votes. The West Norway votes, the national votes and the international votes. The voices that inspire and create new knowledge and insight.