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A national guide to help, information and knowledge about violence in close relationships

Cecilie Dahl

Cecilie Dahl
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Dinutvei.no - National guide to violence and abuse

Dinutvei has been a success

– Dinutvei.no has been a success, and I have high expectations for the continuation. More people than we think, live in fear of those close to them. It is therefore important that victims of violence receive good and qualified help quickly. With dinutvei.no, we have lowered the threshold for seeking help, said Minister of Justice Per-Willy Amundsen.

Both he and the Minister for Children and Equality, Solveig Horne, participated today in the celebration of the one-year anniversary since the launch of the national web portal dinutvei.no.

SolveigHornePerWilly Web

Minister for Children and Equality Solveig Horne and Minister for Justice Per-Willy Amundsen.

Vidi designed and developed the portal in 2016 and has been responsible for operation, maintenance and further development in the following years.

In 2019, Vidi renewed the contract and signed a new project to transfer the portal to a new CMS after an analysis of the needs and opportunities for further development of the portal. New regulations for privacy and the web directive have been added after the first launch and we are now working on necessary adaptations and development of new systems for the question and answer service.

Visitors per year have been stable at around 50,000 per year.

The web portal is a national guide to help services, information and knowledge about violence in close relationships, rape and other sexual abuse. There is a question-answering service where the questions are asked anonymously.

Violence in close relationships, rape and other sexual abuse can affect anyone, regardless of who you are and where you live. The website also contains an overview of help services, both specified where you are and in the rest of the country. Arrangements have been made for visits to the portal not to be traced. The page has an “escape button”, when you press it the website changes to VG’s front page.

The portal’s target groups are both vulnerable, practitioners and affected. Professionals, decision-makers and organizations must also be able to find information and gather knowledge in the portal.

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