KUBEN 2019

Cecilie Dahl

Cecilie Dahl
Partner | Senior Rådgiver


Vidi nominated with two projects at Kuben 2019

Vidi submitted two projects to Kuben 2019 and was nominated with both in the category Service Design.

The nominees from us were the Complaints Board Secretariat and the Norwegian Competition Authority. We are proud of two nominations and congratulate Ideen with Equinor who beat us at the finish line.

The Complaints Board Secretariat

Kuben 2019 Complaints Board Secretariat (1)

Jury’s comment:

A job that shows that consideration for the needs and functions of several boards has been well taken care of.

Vidi AS

Title: New web portal for the Complaints Board Secretariat

Customer: The Complaints Board Secretariat

Task: The task was to gather six appeals boards under one umbrella with associated adjustments per board and transfer all existing content. A new service was also to be designed – filtering of cases.

Solution: The background was the establishment of a new public body for the gathering of six appeals boards – the Complaints Board Secretariat. Six boards were to be gathered digitally under one umbrella, but still retain their uniqueness and their own functions as well as new services. The process was performed with service design and user participation.

The Norwegian Competition Authority

Kuben 2019 The Norwegian Competition Authority Nominated (1)

Jury’s comment:

An extensive job to develop new services and create a more flexible solution. Well done.

Vidi AS

Title: Service design for the Norwegian Competition Authority

Customer: The Norwegian Competition Authority

Task: The task was to design and develop a new web portal for the Norwegian Competition Authority based on public regulations. New web design should be based on existing visual profile. New services were also to be designed in the form of filtering and search in decisions.

Solution: The background for the solution was that the Norwegian Competition Authority saw the existing web solution as outdated and needed the development of new services in the form of filtering and search in all cases back to 2003. A new design was designed and all cases were imported from old to new solution.