We deliver e-commerce solutions built on the world’s most renowned CMS – WordPress.

WooCommerce is an add-on to WordPress that gives you everything you need in e-commerce. WooCommerce currently has a 28% market share in e-commerce.

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Professional online store on WooCommerce

We have delivered an online store to several large and small companies in Norway. To name a few: Oslovvs, Safari Catering, 2villa, Ecospa and Bergensgalleriet. We are happy to talk about your challenges and what we can do for you.


The world’s most popular e-commerce platform

WooCommerce is the most scalable e-commerce platform with a market share of 28%. WooCommerce can be expanded with hundreds of free and paid plugins. Whatever the need, there is usually an extension that solves your challenge. If there is no fully developed plugin, we develop plugins that meet your needs.

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Payment solutions

Klarna • Stripe • Paypal • Vipps

The online store supports all known payment solutions. When it comes to new payment solutions, they are often the first in woocommerce’s online store solution.

Shipping options

Bring • Postnord • DB Schenker

Make everything playfully easy with automated shipping, EDI solution. The EDI solution handles everything within shipping. Upon completion of the order, a consignment note is automatically printed, transport labels and pick-up are ordered.

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3D Visualisation

Take the next step, show your products in 3D

3D visualization is a great way to make your products stand out, by creating a unified experience from store to internet, which is often challenging. Give your customers an enhanced visual experience, where the product can be observed from all angles, without having to have the product in hand. Just click and drag on the product and let your 3D experience begin. Super easy, fast and fun!

Cheaper than you might think

With a starting price of 150, – pr. product, you can have your product scanned at the price of a product photo. We can scan your product in the store, or you can send it to us in the mail. With Woocommerce online store from us, you get the 3D view.

Reach customers everywhere on Google

Sell ​​more with google merchant feed

With Merchant Center, you get more opportunities than just advertising. Show your products to customers on paid and unpaid channels by registering your information on Google’s platforms.

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Mobile-adapted design

Did you know that 70% of the users who visit your website use smartphones and that this number is constantly increasing?

The online store’s design should be as good on mobile as on desktop. Your customers will find all available information, on all screen sizes. When using mobile-adapted design or as we say in technical terms: responsive design, navigation and readability will work equally on all devices.

Now more with Universal design

New requirements for Universal Design came in June 2019

By 2020, all Norwegian websites must be universally designed. As of 2019, Universal Design was incorporated into Norwegian law.

We know the regulations and have since 2018 developed websites in accordance with Universal Design. Universal Design will ensure that people with different needs can read the page using aids. For example, in Norway, 3 people out of 10 have challenges when it comes to sight and hearing. This is 30% of the Norwegian customers!

Read more about Universal Design

Operation and Safety

All our systems are operated and run in the cloud

We have an operating environment that is continuously monitored by automated systems such as web application firewall and downtime notification. This ensures stable operation and prevention of possible attacks on your website. We have both server location in Norway and abroad.

If necessary, you can get a separate test environment where we can do all your further development of the website without downtime. This ensures stability for your customers during a period of further development.