We have a strong focus on methodology and quality assurance for all deliveries.

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Deliveries and Project Implementation

We are a Citrix partner and use reputable tools for quality assurance and implementation of projects. We use Podio, a Citrix tool, in our deliveries to ensure the quality of the information flow between the parties.

Flexibility, willingness to change, frequent deliveries and customer / user involvement are a central part of our development projects.

Flexible Development

Fast delivery and no overhead

Our focus is on delivering quality-assured software as efficiently and quickly as possible. We do this by:

  • Building quality from the start
  • Having many and small deliveries
  • Starting with what gives the most for the customer
  • Improving all the time: “What we do today is good, but we can do better tomorrow”
  • Early access to solution

Lean complements Scrum. Scrum is one of the most widely used methodologies in modern system development, often called flexible development.

We work with elements from Scrum / KanBan in larger projects as this is a methodology that ensures the detection of any nodes early in the process and that the customer is involved to a greater extent in the development process when needed. There will also be less need for follow-up and management, and thus far more effective than traditional methods.

A selection of methods we use in the development process

Service Design

When service design is used, it means that we work with the entire customer or user journey to ensure a good and coherent user experience.

You can read more about service design here.

Agile - Flexible Development

Flexible methods can be described by dividing the project into many smaller projects that are completed and launched to the users during the main project. Together, all these small projects form the whole of the project. Often a development project involves new learning that makes you want to change parts of the project. When we use flexible methods, we are always in close dialogue with you as a customer and product or service owner to ensure the best possible solution. You as a customer can then give us feedback and make changes along the way.


SCRUM is a method that ensures fast and efficient development for you as a customer or project owner.

We at Vidi have certified SCRUM masters and use SCRUM in combination with KANBAN. SCRUM is a method for development with the customer at the center. The method involves sprints, where the time to develop parts of the project is shortened into those so-called sprints. A sprint lasts for 1 to 4 weeks. A SCRUM project is led by what we call a SCRUM-Master who is the project manager. SCRUM is based on continuous feedback from the customer and is thus a flexible method.


Vidi uses a development methodology called KANBAN. KANBAN gives you as a customer and project owner a full overview of the development process. KANBAN divides the projects into smaller tasks that have one of three statuses:

  • Scheduled
  • Under development
  • Finished

In KANBAN, there are never more than four work tasks that are at all times with the status “Under development”. This ensures flow and efficiency in the project. It gives you as a customer a good overview of the status of the project and priorities in the project. It increases the quality of the work performed.

Vidi uses Podio as a collaboration tool. Podio is an online tool and each customer or product owner gets their own user. On this user account, you as a product owner can at any time follow the progress of the project and give feedback. This is how we ensure flow, quality and progression in the project.