Vidi Rank Monitor

You need to know where you are to know where to go. With Rank Monitor, you get weekly reports on how you rank in Google and how you rank in relation to your competitors!

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How does it work?

Using Rank Monitor’s keyword suggestion tool, we find the keywords that are most relevant to your business as well as your own keywords. Then we set up up to 5 competitors that you can compare yourself against.

Buy Rank Monitor today for only NOK 2990, – in establishment and NOK 990, – a month. No time restraint.


Up to 150 keywords

The ranking report contains keywords, estimated search volume and daily placement. In addition, you can easily see if your ranking has increased or decreased in Google.

Competitor ranking

Up to 5 competitors

The competitor ranking report contains the same as the ranking report, but you also get the ranking of the competitors that have been defined.

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Website revision

Technical revision of your website

The page revision report contains detailed information on how to improve your page.

The report covers these areas:

  • Health check of the website
  • Page analysis
  • Meta-analysis
  • Content analysis
  • Link analysis
  • Image analysis
  • Optimization point for side load
  • Ease of use and technology