Search engine optimization

Get Visible in Google and Other Search Engines Using Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

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Become visible, talk to us!

Search engine optimization is about making minor changes to your website. At times, the changes may seem insignificant, but combined with other improvements, they can have a major impact on the user experience and the site’s ranking in organic searches.

Why search engine optimization?

The first four hits on Google get almost all the clicks and almost no one goes to page two.

Being visible on Google will have a huge value for you as dependent on customers or users and it defines almost everyone. How often do you not use Google or other search engines to shop, find information or evaluate a new provider. Almost everyone does it and then it’s about being visible, otherwise they go to the competitors. In Norway, in fact, about 74% of purchases begin with a search on Google and you can miss that purchase.

How do we work with SEO?

Test, measure result and adjust


First, we gather information about the current ranking and how the website works technically. Here we use Rank monitor and run an audit of your website. In short, we check: Ranking, speed, keywords, titles, etc. Then we identify who is looking for your goods and services. It helps us focus your traffic on the right users.

Technical improvement

Here we make sure that there is nothing technical that lowers your visibility such as speed and structure. We have extensive experience in improving websites so that it does not underperform. Nobody likes to wait for a website to load. We also check that the site is universally designed which will provide a better user experience for all users. Universal design also clarifies the information structure something all search engines like.

If you do online shopping, we will set up a google merchant feed for you. Google merchant feed is a feed that Google shopping requires to show your products at the top of the search results.

Improves content

This is the most comprehensive part and can always get better. Therefore, we must test, measure the result and adjust to reach the goal. We now use everything we have learned in the research phase and implement this through content work. This is a work that over time has a great effect.