Get good user experiences by using service design!

Service design means that we work with the entire customer or user journey to ensure a good and coherent user experience.

Let’s discuss in more details the benefits of service design and how we work with this process!

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Let's talk!

In 2019, we were nominated for best service design for our customers konkurransetilsynet and klagenemndssekretariatet.

We would love to help you improve the user experience for your customers, so that the end service you deliver is a successful experience for your customers.

Why service design?

By providing good service design you gain and retain good customers.

It does not help to be the best at something that the customers do not want. The core of a good service design process is that the customers get what they want. What is delivered should also offer a good user experience, preferably through an intuitive design and smart solutions. As a result you get more satisfied customers and users that you retain over time.

Service design process

User-centered focus

We focus on the customer or user’s needs. Solutions must be formulated and created based on the needs of the user or customer.

How to find the user’s needs?

  • We engage the company in mapping all services offered
  • Finds a representative sample of users, to hear their feedback on the services offered. The number of users depends on the services offered and what is possible to achieve.
  • Creates questions about the services to map the need for the services. Open dialogue is encouraged here.
  • Analyze the result and reveal whether the services meet the customer’s needs.


We involve all stakeholders to ensure the right competence, quality and commitment. Not least, this is important to ensure anchoring during implementation. One or more workshops are performed without or with a customer as needed. The co-creation must ensure that all needs are taken care of.


We visualize information through known methods and workshops to simplify, create understanding and document all needs.


Finally, we work exploratory and create prototypes for continuous testing, validation and further development of the service.