Service development

Service development is a method for creating good user experiences by putting the user in focus with the customer journey.

What is System Development?

We work with the entire customer or user journey to ensure a good and coherent user experience. This applies to both those who use the service and those who provide the service. It is important to think of the user or customer journey as a process that takes place both before and after the service is delivered.

Service development is about putting the user at the center. A user can be a resident, a customer or an employee.

Service development develops services that meet the needs of the individual user.

Create better services

To create better services and a more efficient working day, we need to work in new ways. Service development is a user-oriented, co-creative and experimental method that can contribute to developing better services – both for end users and those who work in the public or private sector.

Through co-creation, you can ensure increased value for the citizens and more accurate services.

What is central in service development is that the customer becomes a more and more central player. By following principles for service development, we do not see the customer as someone who is outside the organization / system, but as part of the value-creating network.

There are six principles for service development:

  • Co-creative
  • Human-centered
  • Visualization
  • Holistic
  • Implementation
  • Testing


Users know their needs, have their own ideas and will usually be able to easily assess whether new solutions will work better for them.


We involve all stakeholders to ensure the right competence, quality and commitment. Not least, this is important to ensure anchoring during implementation.


We visualize information to simplify, create understanding and document.


The changes can give residents and users a simpler everyday life and greater influence over their own lives.


We focus on the customer or user’s needs. Solutions must be formulated and created based on the needs of the user or customer.


We work exploratory and create prototypes continuously to test, validate and further develop the service.