Software Development

Digital tailor-made solutions tailored for you and your organization’s needs.

Our software development practices are emphasized by innovative and flexible methods such as Agile, Service design, Scrum and Kanban.

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Do you need to develop a system that is adapted to a special need?

Standard systems do not always provide the necessary functionality for the user’s optimal workflow or are not always adapted to the company’s needs. Therefore, we have developed systems for both public and private players such as Dinutvei and Multiconsult.

Contact us and we can look at a solution together.

Why software development?

Adapted and simplified

There are many ready-made solutions on the market. One common thing they share is that they have to solve the needs of many different organizations and users. Special needs and wishes are therefore not prioritized, implemented or developed. Many experience that standard systems do not provide the necessary functionality for the user’s optimal workflow. Then it may be appropriate and cost-effective to develop your own systems.

By using Service Design, we ensure that the user’s needs are optimized.

Developer Vidi

Why should you choose Vidi?

Our skilled developers allow you to save time, resources and ensure high quality in the project.

At Vidi, you get the development done in-house. We have our own developers with knowledge of users’ needs. It gives you as a customer several benefits:

  • The communication path is short, you can have direct contact with the developers (or via frequent video meeting if you are based outside Norway)
  • The communication with the developers is in Norwegian or English.
  • Designing, developing and implementing changes is faster.

By having our own developers, we save you as a customer many hidden costs

Operation and Safety

All our systems are operated and run in the cloud.

We have an operating environment that is continuously monitored by automated systems such as web application firewall and downtime notification. This ensures stable operation and prevention of possible attacks on your website. We have both server location in Norway and abroad.

If necessary, you can get a separate test environment where we can do all your further development of the website without downtime. This ensures stability for your customers during a period of further development.


System architecture and dimensioning.

We help you with good architecture that will extend the life of the system. It is important to weed out potential pitfalls as early in the process as possible. Therefore, we often base a service design process before the architecture is implemented. The risk of skipping such a process, in the worst case, can mean that you have to restart your work from the beginning.

In addition, a dimensioning need for the solution is mapped, such as: number of users or storage space. Both undersizing and oversizing can quickly cost dearly in the event of loss of users or in increased costs.

Universal Design

New requirements for universal design came in June 2019.

By 2020, all Norwegian websites must be universally designed. As of 2019, universal design was incorporated into Norwegian law.

We know the regulations and have since 2018 developed websites in accordance with universal design. Universal design should ensure that people with different needs can read the page using aids. For example, in Norway, 3 out of 10 people have challenges when it comes to sight and hearing. This is 30% of the norwegian customers!

Learn more about Universal Design

Recognized framework

Open source Symfony developed by SensioLabs

Symfony is a framework with many components that accelerates development. Symfony is built on PHP and 48,000,000+ monthly downloads. We have strong expertise at Symfony and it is a welcome tool in our development. Drupal, phpBB, and eZ Publish are built on the Symphony Core.


There is a large selection of integration components for Symfony. Symfony is fully integrated with a package library called packagist and it is pr. 2012 added 2,123,707 packages in the package magazine. We also develop packages and integrations as needed.

Processes we offer in the software development phase:

Service Design

When service design is used, it means that we work with the entire customer or user journey to ensure a good and coherent user experience.

You can read more on Service Design here

Agile - Flexible Development

Flexible methods can be described by dividing the project into many smaller projects that are completed and launched to the users during the main project. Together, all these small projects form the whole of the project. Often a development project involves new learning that makes you want to change parts of the project.

When we use flexible methods, we are always in close dialogue with you as a customer and product or service owner to ensure the best possible solution. You as a customer can then give feedback and make changes along the way.


SCRUM is a method that ensures fast and efficient development for you as a customer or project owner.

We at Vidi have certified SCRUM masters and use SCRUM in combination with KANBAN. SCRUM is a method for development with the customer in the center. The method involves sprints, where the time to develop parts of the project is shortened into those so-called sprints. A sprint lasts for 1 to 4 weeks. A SCRUM project is led by a SCRUM Master who is responsible for the project.

SCRUM is based on continuous feedback from the customer and is thus a flexible method.


Vidi uses a development methodology called KANBAN. KANBAN gives you as a customer and project owner a full overview of the development process. KANBAN divides the projects into smaller tasks that have one of three statuses:

  • Planned
  • Under development
  • Finished

In KANBAN, there are never more than four work tasks that are at all times with the status “Under development”. This ensures flow and efficiency in the project. It gives you as a customer a good overview of the status of the project and priorities in the project. It increases the quality of the work performed.

Vidi uses Podio as a collaboration tool. Podio is an online tool where each customer or product owner gets their own user. On this user account, you as a product owner can at any time follow the progress of the project and give feedback. This is how we ensure flow, quality and progression in the project.