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Do you want to reach more people with your website? You need an attractive and engaging  webdesign that appeals to your customers while highlighting who you are and what you do.

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We have designed websites and delivered service design for several large and small projects in both public and private companies.

To name a few:,, Jeager Sentrum,, Sjelden,no, Multiconsult and Odfjell Eiendom.

We would love to have a chat with you and see how we can help you develop a webdesign that drives attention to your services.

What is good design?

A design must first and foremost solve the customer’s needs in the search for information.

The design should clearly communicate what you want to achieve in all phases of the customer journey. It should appeal to potential customers through content and an engaging design. The design will bring out and elevate the company’s identity. The goal is to show that you are a good match through content dissemination and get visitors to leave information and hopefully convert them into paying customers. This is done by developing and designing a good user experience on all devices.

The cornerstone of a good webdesign

A good process makes a good start for webdesign

We always start with structure, as it is the core of a good webdesign. The structure is based on an assumed or measurable user pattern. The structure also tells us what to design. Once a structure is set, we can also find important focus areas that will guide the user through the website.


Using Wireframes to get a preview of the webdesign.

Wireframes are created without including profile and other effects. It shows a simple form of building design elements such as images, text, video etc. With wireframes you can easily see how users should navigate through the website and what each page should contain. A wireframe can be drawn on a sheet of paper, in a sketch, or on a blackboard.

Webdesign wireframe
The Norwegian Competition Authority mobile display

Mobile-adapted design

Did you know that 70% of the users who visit your website use smartphones and that this number is constantly increasing?

Web design should be as good on mobile as on desktop. Your customers will find all available information, on all screen sizes. When using mobile-adapted design or as we say in technical terms: responsive design, navigation and readability will work equally on all devices.


All items can be reused

Using a page builder, you can design yourself. You can create landing pages, campaign pages or other pages based on your needs. All of the elements created in the design process become available through the page builder. It is very intuitive and easy to use. The elements are entered almost like lego and can be easily moved.

Video and football Vidi

Video and animation

Video is one of the most powerful tools for visual communication

Almost 50 percent of our brain is involved in visual processing at any given time. In webdesign, it is therefore the case that users who follow directions on a website with illustrations do it far better than those who follow text instructions alone.

It can also be positive to play with visual elements and video, this gives the reader a welcome break in a long text, stimulates curiosity and draws attention back to the page.

The terms UX/UI

User Experience / User Interface

In short, the user interface can be said to be what a website looks like, while the user experience is how the user can use the page. So they are connected, but are two different things. The user interface should put the user in the center and ensure a good user or customer journey. The user experience of the design should represent what the organization wants to communicate with its brand.

UI and UX can also be designed and developed on the basis of the experiences we make from the service design process.