Engaging and user-friendly websites

We provide websites that meet your needs. All our deliveries are mobile-adapted and folow the requirements of universal design, with a comtemporary webdesign. We also perform software development, integrations and custom adjustments so that you are never locked into a specific setup or template.

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Engage, inform, sell and build your brand

We deliver service design, website and webdesign to private and public businesses throughout Norway and abroad. Some of our satisfied customers: The Norwegian Competition Authority, The Complaints Board Secretariat, Jæger BMW Sentrum, Multiconsult, Odfjell Eiendom and Chilimobil.

We would love to chat with you about your goals, challenges and how we can help you.

We provide smart solutions

We make it easy for you to maintain your website yourself.

Our solutions are scalable so that the website can be designed according to the needs of your company at all times.

By using a page builder, the appearance of your website can be changed based on user patterns or needs in a simple and cost-effective way.

Most of our customers can maintain and develop their new website themselves. The user interface for administration is simple and easy to understand without the need for knowledge of code.


Recognized CMS

WordPress accounts for 60% of the market, after comes joomla with 7%

Over the years, we have used the 2 most well-known platforms for website development – WordPress and Joomla. We have developed a number of different solutions, which cover very different needs. In recent years, we have focused on WordPress. WordPress is a solution that makes it quick to implement a new website. Opportunity for fantastic design and a number of plug-ins makes many customers prefer WordPress.

Read more about WordPress here

Content and language cleaning

We have an in-house copywriter who can help
you with texts for your website.

It can be challenging to produce enough quality content. We assist you as a customer all the way and have in-house experts in content, communication, design and technical. Our copywriters work with content in a way that safeguards your focus words according to search engine optimization.

The Norwegian Competition Authority mobile display

Mobile-adapted design

Did you know that 70% of the users who visit your website use smartphones and that this number is constantly increasing?

What is “Mobile first”? – by that we mean that web design should be as good on mobile as on desktop. Your customers will find all available information, on all screen sizes. When using mobile-adapted design or as we say in technical language: responsive design, navigation and readability will work equally on all devices.

Universal design

New requirements for universal design came in June 2019

By the end of 2020, all Norwegian websites must be universally designed. As of 2019, universal design was incorporated into Norwegian law.

We know the regulations and have since 2018 developed websites in accordance with universal design. Universal design should ensure that people with different needs can read the page using aids. For exemple, in Norway, 3 people out of 10 have challenges when it comes to sight and hearing. This is 30% of the norwegian customers!

Read more about Universal Design here 

Operation and Safety

All our systems are operated and run in the cloud

We have an operating environment that is continuously monitored by automated systems such as web application firewall and downtime notification. This ensures stable operation and prevents possible attacks on your website. We have both server location in Norway and abroad.

If necessary, you can get a separate test environment where we can do all your further development of the website without downtime. This ensures stability for your customers during a period of further development.