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Wordpress accounts for 60% of the market in the world and is the most widely used CMS. WooCommerce together with WordPress has also managed to become the world’s most used online store. This makes WordPress a safe open source CMS choice.

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Wordpress as a professional website

Wordpress has had an extremely good development in recent years and is now very suitable as a CMS for anyone who wants a professional website. Over time, we have built up valuable expertise in several of the areas that are important for WordPress to work in a professional context. Areas such as safety, flexibility and speed are some of the areas that are very important to us.

The publishing system has a large selection of plugins and modules available to extend the functionality. This makes the system flexible and enables everything from simple blogs to e-commerce solutions, presentation pages, company pages and public services / websites. In addition, we develop our own plugins and modules to facilitate our customers’ needs.

WordPress can be scaled to most needs and Vidi uses automatic notification systems to detect hubs in our solutions and cloud hosting. All our solutions can be scaled as needed. We secure all solutions with a built-in firewall and use advanced cache to increase the speed of solutions of any size.


Web application firewall and auto-updates

All our wordpress websites are set up with WAF (Web application firewall) and automatic updating. WAF includes an endpoint firewall and malware scanner that protects WordPress from threats. The firewall also supports two-factor authentication, which protects your user login from automated and manual login attempts. Automatic updating ensures that all plugins and wordpress are always up to date, in addition to our development team receiving daily reports of known errors in plugins and wordpress. This means that we are always at the forefront and combat threats to your website.

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Own developed theme and compression

All our websites are built on a specially developed theme. Themes are optimized for speed and do not contain unnecessary functionality that often comes with other themes. This makes the theme very fast. We also optimize the speed of the website by compressing html, javascript and images so that more data is downloaded than necessary.

Flexibility and Scalability

Page builder, tailoring and plugins

All our WordPress websites come with a page builder. A page builder makes it easy to build individual pages on your own. We also develop extensions for the page builder so that the page builder is adapted to the website’s needs and functionality. In addition, wordpress has a built-in marketplace with extensions (plugins) that you can use. The marketplace contains almost every conceivable plugin.

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Image management

Extended image management and DAM solution

All our WordPress websites come with extended image management with the ability to create folders, move files, compress images, drag and drop uploads and search. If you have large amounts of images and need even more advanced image management, we have good agreements on a DAM (Digital Asset Management) solution. DAM is an external image bank that is tightly integrated with WordPress. The image bank has powerful searches and filtering options that are often a need for large image archives.

Open source

Security and license free

Wordpress is an open source and is developed by Automatic. Automatic consists of 1,100+ employees in over 75 countries. They also develops WooCommerce, Jetpack, Tumbler and other solutions. WordPress is license-free, but not everything is free. We offer a large selection of paid extensions to WordPress that can improve functionality and usability. Our installations of WordPress have a number of these extensions so that functionality and user-friendliness are maintained.


Support by email or phone

We have support on all our websites on WordPress and you can be sure that the solution will always work. We offer support to all our customers during opening hours and after opening hours if critical. When you contact us at support@vidi.no, you will be assigned a contact person who can answer your questions via our ticket system.