International School of Bergen

Customer since 2015 – renewed trust in 2018



Service areas

The International School of Bergen first came to Vidi in 2015 with a desire for a new, modern and fresh website that would also contain a blog and online application form.

In 2018, we gained renewed trust and continued the good collaboration with upgrading the design and implementation of a new CMS – WordPress.

Thank you for a good project and cooperation. Our needs were met and we are very satisfied with our new website and online application.Eline Blom DubruilleCommunications Officer


Design Identity

Colors and Typography

Typography and use of color have been continued from the graphic profile with adjustments for new, upgraded and contemporary design.

In the design, the existing color palette was used in new ways and new gradients were developed to follow new trends while we took Universal Design into account.

Colors Profile
Isob application illustration

Online Application

Digital application form

The International School of Bergen wanted to transfer the application process from paper to digital. We solved this by fully integrating the application process in the website and developed a digital application form that simplifies the process for both the applicant and the school.


New web portal and intranet

Our first project with The International School of Bergen was in 2015 where we designed and developed a new web solution for the school in Joomla CMS. In 2018, we gained new trust from the school and updated designs as well as implemented designs in a new CMS – WordPress.

The new website is easy to maintain for the school and it has an integrated blog for all classes and an integrated photo album from social media.

Isob Mockups
Donut Vidi