Complaints Board Secretariat

At the award ceremony “Kuben” in 2019, the Complaints Board Secretariat was nominated in the category “Best Service Design”.



Service areas

In 2018, the Complaints Board Secretariat selected Vidi as a supplier following a public tender competition on the 1st of April 2017, a joint secretariat was established for the Competition Complaints Board and the Public Procurement Complaints Board (KOFA) under the Ministry of Trade and Industry and four committees under the Ministry of Culture, the Media Complaints Board, the Foundation Complaints Board, the Lottery Board and the Volunteer Register Board.

The boards were to gather under an umbrella with a common website but with a clear distinction between the boards, all of which were to have their own landing pages with their own customized functionality.

In March 2019, the website was nominated at “Kuben” for best service design.

We want to highlight Vidi as a serious and skilled supplier, who was also very good at project management and quick resolution of various issues during the project phase.Helen SpildeØkonomi & personalleder

Helen spilde- the Appeals Board Secretariat
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Design Identity

Colors and Typography

The Complaints Board Secretariat’s typography and colors used are disseminated from the profile handbook.

Vidi has used the existing color palette for the Complaints Board Secretariat for the design of new gradients and complementary colors for a new profile adapted to recent trends and responsive design.

For the boards that did not have a color palette, Vidi developed a palette adapted to each board.

Color profile
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Search by filtering

Advanced search

We developed an export / import routine to take care of all matters back to 2003 and imported in a new solution.

We have also developed a new filtering / sorting function for the Complaints Board Secretariat.


New web portal that brings together the appeals boards.

Service design was used in the process of designing and developing a new web portal for the Complaints Board Secretariat. This meant a full review of user patterns, user interfaces and user experience both in relation to general content and advanced functionality such as sorting and filtering of cases back to 2003.

The design is responsive and is Universally Designed in accordance with the requirements for Universal Design of public services.

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