Konkurransetilsynet Toppbilde

The Norwegian Competition Authority

At the award ceremony “Kuben” in 2019, the new Konkurransetilsynet.no was nominated in the category “Service Design”.



Service areas

The Norwegian Competition Authority chose Vidi as a supplier after an extensive tender competition. A new web portal and intranet were to be designed and developed in a combined cloud / internal operating solution.

The project involved full redesign, service design, technical development and integrations with, among others, AD. The websites should have a responsive design and be Universally Designed.

An extensive job to develop a new service and create such a more flexible solution.Synnøve StubKommunikasjonsrådgiver web

Stub Synnøve Tangen
The Norwegian Competition Authority UX design

Design Identity

Colors and Typography

The Norwegian Competition Authority’s typography and use of color have been continued from the graphic profile with adjustments within limits set by the Norwegian Competition Authority.

In the design, the existing color palette was used in new ways and new gradients were developed to follow new trends while we took Universal Design into account.

Color Profile
The Norwegian Competition Authority Filter display

Search by filtering

Advanced search

A good search was one of the most important criteria. The Norwegian Competition Authority has more than 5,000 mergers and acquisitions dating back to 2003. All of these should be searchable in a simple way.

The solution was a combined search with filtering that makes it easy for all users to find a feature or acquisition regardless of whether they know what to search for or not.


New Web portal and Intranet

Service design was used in the process of designing and developing a new web portal for the Competition Authority. This meant a full review of user patterns, user interfaces and user experience both in relation to general content and advanced functionality such as sorting and filtering of cases back to 2003.

We have exported all cases back to 2003 and imported in a new solution after developing a new filtering / sorting function for the Norwegian Competition Authority. The service was developed with user participation.

The design is responsive and is Universally Designed in accordance with the requirements for Universal Design of public services.

The Norwegian Competition Authority mobile display